Owner Booking Terms & Conditions


RentIn Javea (The Company) acts as booking agents for the Owners/Agents of the properties featured in the portfolio. Once The Company has issued the booking form, the binding contract is between you and the client who has booked your property.


Gold package - Free annual fee. 15% commission deducted from the booking amount.

  • Full web page advertisement for your property
  • Free login with access to the late deals facility giving you every chance to fill that vacant week!
  • We deal with the initial enquiry by taking 30% deposit together with a completed booking form.
  • We forward 17.5% of the booking deposit amount to you together with the completed booking form for you to introduce yourself to the client and arrange for any remaining payments from the client to be paid, together with any security deposits required. It is for you (the owner) to send the client the arrival details.
  • We take the final payment (due 10 weeks prior to the clients' holiday) giving you peace of mind that the money has been collected.
  • RentIn Javea pay you (the owner) the balance 8 weeks prior to the clients' arrival date.
  • We take a security deposit via credit card authorisation of up to £200 (details held by us) in the event of any damages/losses caused by the client. This is destroyed after 7 days where no claim is allowed.

Agent - By Negotiation


In all cases RentIn Javea will confirm all enquiries and potential bookings with you (The Owner) prior to sending the booking form to the client.

Should you (The Owner) accept a booking from www.rentin-javea.com and confirm this in writing to us, you (The Owner) will accept full liability for any losses incurred for loss of profit and damages to the client in instances where you (The Owner) cancel the booking taken, including war or threat, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or any other cause.

RentIn Javea will do their upmost to ensure losses are kept to a minimum but do not accept any responsibility for damages to the client due to a cancellation beyond our control.

RentIn Javea does not accept any responsibility for inaccurate information added by you (The Owner) within an advertisement, nor for bad behaviour from the client, late checkout or disputes has the client with you.

In the event where the Gold Package is RentIn Javea after receiving receipts of replacement goods and/or workmanship.


For each and every booking taken by RentIn Javea, you (The Owner) accept the percentage term as agreed from your the deposit amount or where applicable the total booking amount.

Unless otherwise agreed, the deposit amount of the booking will be 30%.

In all cases you (The Owner) will receive a copy of the booking form once payment has been received from the client, with the booking form being sent to the email address provided by you.


It is the sole responsibility of the owner/agent to ensure the property advertised is true and accurate.

In instances where appliances fail, it is for the owner to ensure the immediate replacement or repair (within reason) and where not possible it is for the owner to compensate the client, not RentIn Javea.

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